We are no longer in our twenties or thirties, but life seems bigger than ever, still crazy with experiences. We tell stories, crack jokes, discuss ideas, post videos, conduct interviews, and find common ground in this life we live.  We are telling it like it is and we hope you will share your stories too.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. marilyn

    I have no legacy of husband or children; therefore, no need for a reentry back into the work force. That said, having had an unbroken career has not changed my relationship to the working world any less than these bloggers. Women of a certain age are perceived differently, and it feels like a slap in the face when first realized. All our reality is now … more challenged. Solution? Reinvention. But, of what kind?

    1. SheSaysPost Post author

      Thank you for posting. So, so far, we are perceiving the problem as being out of the workforce for so long and you are saying similar problems arise because we are women of a certain age. Yes! Interesting. We hope to talk to women who have not left the workforce at all and get their perspective. Also we are going to hear from women from the other side. – Single women! So much we need to hear from them. We will be posting more from that perspective soon. We hope to hear from you again!


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