We are FLOORED by our readers responses!  

Thank you, all.  

One reader wrote this piece about her experience back in the work world.  

Can you relate?




It sits there on my resume – the gap.  How to explain the ten year space of time where it appears I did nothing.  I didn’t take a slight turn off the path of my career – I put on the brakes and derailed for ten years.  

I have to say it was one of the sweetest times of my life.  I embraced that time – co-op preschool, Mom’s group, splash pools in the backyard, homemade play dough, quesadillas.  My tools were sunscreen, a pizza cutter and an apple slicer.  

The days slipped by, my girls grew up and my son hit preschool.  The economy took a dive.  I took a breath and saw that ten years had gone by and I started to think about work again. I felt foolish to have let that much time get behind me.  Foolish and insecure. My husband’s work had slowed down and I had no way of picking up the slack. What if something happened to him or our marriage fell apart? I would have no way to support my family. The industry I left had completely changed. When I left the workforce, Bill Clinton was claiming he did not sleep with that girl and now Bush number two was ending his second term.  I was forty and no longer fresh. I got lucky and a friend gave me a job and a chance.  

But I still have to hide the gap.  No one really respects the gap.  I avoid the question, what did you do before you worked here?  The truth is the fact that I grew up in those ten years.  My children raised me.  They found me my best friends, taught me patience and how to deal with difficult people.  I didn’t lean in and occasionally now I look back and am horrified.  What was I thinking????  I have two girls and what I want for them it to lean in, but also to lean back.  Make time for splash pools and homemade play dough, but be sure to mind the gap. 



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