Dustin Hoffman is not an attractive woman

Be honest.  Haven’t we all been guilty of this?




2 thoughts on “Dustin Hoffman is not an attractive woman

  1. Marian

    Guilty in the sense that attractive people tend to attract us, studies show that. But I have noted for a while and been disheartened by the fact that often in movies, and sometimes books and real life, women have to be beautiful to be considered valuable by men and perhaps by society in general. Or rather their looks come first. Because I resented this, I feel like I have been careful to pay attention to a variety of visages that come into my sphere. I think it’s great that Dustin Hoffman, a male movie star, can realize and feel the loss on both sides that comes from this (as a friend of mine used to call it) “Face Fascism.”

    1. SheSaysPost Post author

      ‘Face Facism’ – excellent term! Marian – so well said. We love the movies that do not have to follow this unspoken bias of beauty. If the movie and character are good, we as an audience feel just as invested in an ordinary face. Maybe can relate to the characters even more. I wish filmmakers would consider this, as some smaller films already have.


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